Why programming is a good career

Millennials and Gen Z are constantly on the lookout for more than just a job that barely helps them keep body and soul together. They not only want a fat paycheck, but they also want a job that makes them fulfilled and leaves them with enough time on their hands to attend to other important aspects of their lives.

This is also part of the reason why many of them opt for online courses. They can learn at their own pace in their own environment. Today, there are several online programming courses reviews that a person can read on platforms like BritainReviews. The reviews can guide you to finding the right platform to learn programming. Here are some of the reasons programming is a good career:

It brings joy

A recent study shows that over 31 million developers spent their free time writing codes for free for a project. This selflessness is not common in other careers; this shows the joy embedded in coding. Getting any programmer to talk about their job makes them get into a flow state automatically, even if they don’t use such terms. In this state, a programmer feels and performs their best. As such, having a career in programming is sure to drive fulfilment.

It gives you freedom

Programming allows you to work anywhere. Research shows that commuting for about 20 minutes or above per day has the same effect with a pay cut of about 20%. Commuting makes time drag, but we cannot do without it. Most programmers work remotely full-time so they don’t have to experience the rigours of commuting.

Besides, they are free to dress in any outfit as long as it does not disturb their efficiency. With the rate programming jobs are becoming remote because of the reduced costs for employees and wider access to talented people, there is a chance there will be more jobs for programmers.

It provides a fat paycheck

Income, no matter how we want to be moderate about it, is one of the things that drives satisfaction from a career. Even if you love your career and the impact you are making with it, but your income can barely pay for your needs, you will end up frustrated. Today, an average programmer’s salary in the US is about $100, 000, and it is expected that it will keep increasing because technology keeps spreading in the economy.

It provides security

Recently, a lot of jobs have come under attack due to advancements in technology. More jobs are being automated, and more people are laid off from work. By 2030, a study shows that about 800 million jobs could be lost globally. This is a cause for alarm in most careers. However, if you are a programmer, you don’t need to worry. The Artificial Intelligence revolution is here and you fit perfectly into it. Software development will grow higher and more programming jobs will be available.

It doesn’t require out-of-this-world skills to do it

There is a misconception in many circles that programming cannot be done by just anyone, but this is wrong. As long as you can learn how to use spreadsheets and code, you can be a programmer. The beauty of this career is that you can start teaching your kids or younger ones from a very young age. Besides, even though it is advised you aim to be the best in your field, it requires an inborn talent and aptitude most programmers don’t have, and you don’t have to be the best to do most programming jobs. Within 12 months of training, you can get a job.

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