Top 5 Essential Android Apps You Need Installed Today

Have just bought a new phone and want to install important apps that will help you carry out your day to day activities?

Do not worry, we got you covered.

We will take a look at some of the essential apps you need to have installed in your phone already.

You will need apps to sync your data across all your devices, watch movies, take good pictures and even track you on screen time.

We have gathered a list of some of the best applications that will allow you to carry out some of these activities with total ease.

Here they are;


Forget about opening numerous tabs on different articles, or misplacing tabs on interesting articles you were reading online but got distracted.

Pocket has you covered.

This app allows you to save all these tabs on your device so that you can read them at a later time.

What’s more, you are able to read the articles seamlessly without any distraction as Pockets strips off the site’s ads and recommendations that might have distracted you.

You can sync all the content you have in your pocket app with another device and what’s more, you can save your favourite articles and read them offline wherever and whenever.

Pocket is free but for better features and benefits, there is a monthly plan that goes for as low as $5.

Snap speed

There are several picture editing applications available in the app store, but snap speed is one of the outstanding ones.

Snapseeds has features that allow you to edit your pictures heavily.

You can get a lot of work done with snap speed. This is from changing the colors, removing objects, tweaking shapes and even re-structuring your images.

Snap speed was recently acquired by Google after functioning as an independent company and for these it is completely free of use.

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VLC Player.

All android  phones coke with the capability of playing videos and music by default.

However, VLC media player comes as an all inclusive, all in one media service or since it is capable of reading and playing all media formats out there.

Think about MP3s, MP4s or even high quality HD videos; VLC media player will handle it.

Better yet, it is equipped with better features than the normal playback media player on your android phone.

VLC media player is capable of tweaking the sounds option using its in built equalizer, you can add subtitles while watching if you need captions or you’re watching something of a different language, you can also watch on pop up windows while working something else on your phone.

Even better, you are able to stream videos from computers that are connected on your local area network; Wi-Fi.

VLC media player is free for android phones and is accessible from Google Play store.

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F-Secure Freedom VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is responsible for securing your internet connection and privacy online. It hides your identity by masking your IP address which is simply a number that your computer is given while browsing online.

There are many VPN apps but F-Secure by far is the beat one so far few cure Freedom VPN is simple to use since it has a subtle interface with all the information needed.

It works perfectly without any fuss and is super reliable. You can easily change locations while hiding your identity online.

Your browsing information will be kept safe from any malicious entities online as you browser through the internet.

Say bye to the connection problems you encounter with shady WiFi connections. 


Swiftkey is a keyboard typing app that takes your typing experience a notch hire.

All android phones come with typing keyboards but SwiftKey allows more capabilities and automation than your keyboard would.

SwiftKey allows you to type by swiping instead of tapping  and is equipped with technology that saves your frequently used phrases and slangs and gives appropriate predictions.

It also has an intelligent autocorrect that corrects your misspelled words effortlessly. You can also easily access emojis, GIFs and stickers through this keyboard application.


There you go! Some of the best essential android applications you need installed on your phone yesterday.

Make sure you try out some of these applications and see how beneficial they are.

All of them are free, so, what are you waiting for?