Tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap price

A laptop is an important thing nowadays. The gadget which is commonly called a notebook can also be used for entertainment. So no wonder many people are willing to buy a laptop even though the price is expensive. Think they are important in addition to work, they are also essential measurements.

However, the name of the buyer would want the cheap but good stuff. This principle has been understood by the manufacturers. The proof is that they have issued various types with varying prices. There are high specifications but are easily damaged because of the low price. There is also an expensive, average spec, but durable.

The more types and brands it turns out to make consumers confused to choose. Moreover, there are some fraudulent sellers: Setting a high price but the quality of the goods does not match. Well, so you don’t get fooled, here are some tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap price but get a quality one.

Tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap but quality price

These tips can be applied not only when buying a laptop, but all gadgets such as notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks, All in One PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The brand is also up to you, whether you want Apple, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, or others. The important thing is to just adjust it.

Know the exact needs

As said above that the function of a laptop or notebook varies. From work to entertainment. Even for work, the task is not the same. Some are just browsing, typing, editing, and graphic design, and some even have to do other strenuous activities.

Everyone will have different laptop needs. So, before buying, you should know what you want to use it for. Don’t buy the wrong one. However, every laptop has different specifications. Low specs can’t do heavy duty. On the other hand, high specs are unfortunately not cheap.

Check the market price of laptops in online stores

Next, check the market price of the laptop whose specifications are according to your needs. In addition to asking friends who understand the price of computers, I also suggest checking online stores. There we can compare prices between brands and sort prices from cheapest to most expensive.

You have to check it is not just one online store. The more the better. From it later we will know the price of the laptop that we need is in what price range. So when you buy it later, even at an offline store, we can bargain the price appropriately.

Adjust the budget or budget

After knowing the price, the next step is to check the financial condition. Is there money idle and not used for other important needs? If there is, please use it. But if you don’t, it means you have to be diligent in saving and work harder.

If you need a high-spec laptop while you don’t have enough money, my advice is to hold on and save first. On the other hand, if there are many, but you need mediocre specifications, it doesn’t matter. It’s up to you, wants to buy according to specifications or higher, please.

Choose the right brand and type

Each laptop brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. While the type is a differentiator specification. Above you have determined the specifications. So at this stage, just choose the brand.

In my opinion, choosing a laptop brand should not be arbitrary. Although the price is a little more expensive, you should choose from well-known brands only. Why? Because it is almost certain that the quality is above fake brands. So that apart from being satisfied, it will also last longer. So it’s actually economical.

Buy the highest specs we can afford

The development of gadget technology is very fast. In the near future, there will be many laptops with more sophisticated features and specifications. This makes the old output even more out of date (old school). If it’s like this, usually we want to quickly replace a new laptop.

That’s the reason why at this stage I recommend buying a laptop with the highest specs you can afford. You have to spend a lot of money. However, by having a laptop like that you will satisfy using it, not quickly out of date, and still worth using for the next few years.

Take advantage of promo and exhibition moments

Tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap but quality price, the last one is to take advantage of promo or exhibition moments. So, if you don’t need it right away, it’s better not to buy it in a hurry. Look for information on such opportunities.

Laptop promos usually occur when the laptop manufacturer celebrates its big day. For example, an anniversary or the launch of the latest product. On religious holidays, harbolnas, and the like sometimes also exist. Meanwhile, exhibitions are generally held in places such as malls and so on weekends.

At that moment you can not only get a good price, but also cashback or bonus accessories. For example, a laptop bag, screen protector, or even a modem. How about a normal day? No need to be ashamed to try asking. I myself once got a mouse.


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