The Skinny Steamer Recipe Book

A lovely little loaf to serve with cheese as part of a selection of dishes. AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako shares her recipe for crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside roast potatoes in the Rayburn cooker. This dessert is packed full of a delicious selection of fruit, nuts and chocolate to create a delicious caramel slice. It’s a quick and easy bake in the Rayburn and is a total crowd pleaser. Brilliant AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell shares her recipe for an easy bread dough and all the delicious baked treats you can make from it. A deliciously rich mushroom wellington, this recipe is the perfect meat-free supper.

For something that looks and tastes so spectacular it is a breeze to make. The meringue will keep for weeks in an airtight container in a cool place or for months in the freezer. The fruit and cream can be prepared at least a few hours before assembling.

Breakfast recipes

Add some colourful rustic table decorations and a few candles to make dinner a real occasion. Butterflying the chicken means it cooks significantly quicker than a whole bird would. Great for a Saturday night in and particularly useful when a barbeque is rained off.

  • Toss with the herbs and 3 tablespoons of honey vinegar and sprinkle with the asafoetida powder and a little salt.
  • Once the filling has been spooned into the base, deep holes are made where eggs are nestled.
  • Serve with steamed greens and you’ve got yourself a winning dinner.
  • Combine the marinade ingredients and leave the meat overnight in the marinade, turning it occasionally to ensure full absorption.
  • Don’t forget to cook more beef than you need for some scrumptious sandwiches later.

This simple and wholesome bread is made quickly and can be on the table to enjoy in less than 45 mins. It uses a combination of wholemeal and plain flour to give a rustic texture and flavour without being too heavy. A light fatless sponge layered with raspberry conserve, cream and summer fruits topped with fresh fruits and meringue kisses.

Nisha’s 30 Minute Curry In A Hurry

Scrape down the mash and add the honey, defrutum, oil, fish sauce and vinegar. Stir into a smooth emulsion and pour over the marrow or squash. Cover with a lid or foil and reheat thoroughly in a pre-heated oven at 180°C/gas mark 4. The recipe from Cato dates to about 200 BC, but olives provided relish and flavouring all through ancient times. The olive tree had been under cultivation in Greece for a thousand years, if not longer, when the Iliad and Odyssey were composed .

Couscous with chicken and peas

This British-Asian background allows me to explore the culinary best of both worlds. Stir up this simple, flavour-packed curry in the time it would take for a takeaway delivery to arrive… Fill the freezer with these clever batch veritecatering.coms, featuring stews, curries, soups and more.


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