Nex Computer Launches NexPad: A Portable Monitor That Can Be Stacked on Top of a Laptop Screen |


Nex Computer LLC announced today the launch of NexPad: a portable monitor with built-in magnets that can attach to laptops for vertical dual-screen setup.

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NexPad. A portable monitor that can be stacked on top of a laptop screen. (Photo: Business Wire)

Research shows that using dual monitors boosts productivity. However, using side-by-side monitors isn’t always optimal because of the large gap between the monitors, diminishing the view. The side-by-side setup also spans outside of people’s peripheral vision which can lead to neck strain.

NexPad’s solution is a second display at an elevated height that can reduce neck strain and help improve posture, boosting productivity and convenience.

“We are launching NexPad to enable the modern professional to be more productive in the ever more mobile workplace,“ said Emre Kosmaz, CEO and founder of Nex Computer.

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What is the Internet and how does it work? How do computers and smartphones communicate with one another?

This setup tells the Mac to select one for internet traffic and one for local IP traffic. Furthermore, you need to place the internet-enabled Wi-Fi adapter topmost, so Mac prioritizes it. Aside from using an app or third-party program to enable wireless hotspot routing, these are the only ways to get the job done. All local and mobile libraries have computers with free internet access – you can book half hour or hourly sessions. Contact your local library for more information about this free service. Use the following link to get contact details for your local library or to book a computer session through Libraries NI website.

  • A cable modem can offer a similar speed to ADSL services.
  • The software lets users chat, send messages and files, exchange web addresses and play games.
  • Each server was separate from other servers and there was no easy way of searching the Internet
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