Investing in Staffordshire Moorlands

A diverse and inclusive business ecosystem is good for customers, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and society. Corporate Inheritance Tax planningWhen a company has too much cash, it can affect its ability to be free from inheritance tax. None of the information provided is investment or tax advice and we always recommend you speak to a financial adviser before investing. Investing in your business Investing in your business As your business grows, you’ll need to make further investments. Before you get started, read Shopify’s guide on the need-to-know essentials. Similarly, sales intelligence provider Cognism achieved a 43 times return for its SEIS investors.

  • Although a business owner can choose to pay themselves in dividends or through a salary, taking too much out of the business to simply sit in your bank account can result in a hefty tax bill.
  • Optimise your working capital and make transactions in local and foreign currencies.
  • The
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