Stray modders are putting their own four-legged friends in the game

Stray is a game where you play as an adorable orange cat lad. Some of us—like deputy guides editor Lauren Aitken (opens in new tab)—are luckily enough to already have the protagonist resemble one of our four-legged friends. For others, the desire to have their own fur babies represented is mighty strong.

As spotted by Imogen Donovan (opens in new tab), a quick glance at Nexus Mods and you’ll be met with an entire litter of reskins made to resemble either the modder’s own pets or to fulfil requests on behalf of other players who want their cat in-game. It’s absolutely bloody adorable and has opened the game to a whole variety of fuzzy friends. There are tuxedo cats, calicoes, and even adorable sphynxes! Some, like this gorgeous grey domestic cat (opens in new tab), have been made to honour pets who passed away. I’m not crying, you are.


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