OS: Windows 10 advantages you need to know

OS- The long-awaited OS has finally been released, after experiencing various delays due to the many problems WIndows 10 can finally be enjoyed. Windows 10 is being talked about in cyberspace right now and maybe many of you want to install this OS on a laptop or PC. But before downloading and installing this OS, it’s a good idea to listen to the advantages of Windows 10 so you won’t regret it once you install it.

The screen display feature will clearly be different from its Windows predecessor. The strength of Windows 10 lies in features that are more toward computing technology. Support for various platforms, such as Hybrid notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and various types of gadgets and computer devices is expanded.

Advantages of Windows 10

1. From the Start Menu side

When compared to Windows 8 which is not perfect in the Start Menu function and confuses users, Windows 10 certainly presents clear navigation without hints. You can enjoy various programs with easy navigation in their search. Besides, the preview system makes it easy for you to open various types of files without having to open them. In more sophisticated technology in the form of a Start menu that automatically groups various types of applications.

2. Added Command Application

From the display side, Commands/commands are also included in Windows 10 in the form of a user-friendly application so that it is easy to run. Commands. A strong desktop, the base makes this application very responsive to use. Another advantage of this application is that you can adjust the window size directly so that it supports high mobility. Because of the desktop application format, you can run it directly through the Windows 10 desktop.

3. Snap Enhancement Support

The advantages of Windows 10 on this one will make it easier for you to run several programs on one screen display. Snap enhancement itself is a reliable desktop system for multitasking performance for those of you who want a compact and responsive desktop for work. Buddy can immediately see the various programs that run on one display screen, interesting isn’t it? If the specifications of your computer or laptop are high, the more applications that can run.

4. Virtual Desktop Support.

Windows 10’s virtual desktop allows you to create several different desktop displays for different needs. On Windows 10 this can do one desktop for work and another for entertainment. Can perform switching between desktops quickly and stably, and will be a plus for those who run it.

5. Multi-platform nature

Windows 10 has a lot of support for various devices such as computers, smartphones laptops, and even game consoles. The advantages of multi-platform also facilitate synchronization between devices that have Windows 10 OS – for example, if you have a laptop, you can directly sync with your smartphone.

Windows 10 can be an OS for your computer or laptop. In previous versions of Windows, it did not have the advantages of Windows 10 above. Because of this myriad of features, you can try it for various purposes. With a more user-friendly display accompanied by various updated features, it will make the work process faster. With the Virtual desktop feature, you can also separate your desktop needs. That’s information from interrogator.com about the advantages of Windows 10, keep visiting this site to get the latest technology information.

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