Forty-two from Class of 2026 enter honors programs

Forty-two elite members of The University of Scranton’s incoming class of 2026 enroll in two of the University’s five programs of excellence. Scranton offers a range of honors and special programs designed to enhance and complement the academic experience.

Twenty-seven members of The University of Scranton’s incoming class of 2026 enrolled in its Frank P. Corcione Business Honors Program. Students in this program undergo four years of honors studies in the areas of economics, entrepreneurship, operations management, accounting, finance, international business, marketing and management, as well as a series of personal development extracurricular activities in the areas of service and career building.

Meet the 27 members of the class of 2026 taking part in the Frank P. Corcione Business Honors Program:

Fifteen members of The University of Scranton’s incoming class of 2026 entered its Magis Honors Program in STEM. The program combines the development of STEM knowledge and research techniques with programing to further the students’ understanding of the impact science has on society. 

The Magis Honors Program offers talented students a more intense, interdisciplinary experience of research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Courses taken over four years at Scranton include a special first-year seminar on writing science and a series of seminars on STEM and society. With guidance by faculty mentors, the students in the program develop, present and defend a thesis based on their individual research projects. In addition, the program requires participation in annual community service projects, as well as professional development programs.

Meet the 15 members of the class of 2026 enrolled in the Magis Honors Program in STEM:


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