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Pass the Access to HE Diploma, with at least 30 credits achieved at Distinction and 9 credits achieved at Merit above. This must include at least 9 credits achieved at Distinction in an essay-based subject. You will typically be expected to have completed five Scottish Highers and your grades in these will be considered as part of your application. We prefer applicants who have achieved at least AABBB in their Highers. In addition to timetabled contact hours, you are expected to undertake independent learning and assessment activities.

  • If there is a social injustice that you want to change, then a Sociology degree could be right for you.
  • We also accept International Foundation Years offered by other UK colleges and universities on a case-by-case basis.
  • International studies is the study of relationships between countries, including the roles of other organisations.
  • This must include at least 9 credits achieved at Distinction in an essay-based subject.
  • The challenges of managing in complex international business environments.

You will learn about the society we live in and the relationships people have within that society. One of these can be a 10,000 word dissertation, and one can be from selected papers in another subject. You can choose from a broad range of papers in politics and international relations, covering diverse themes, regions and contemporary issues. The journal provides a forum for disseminating and enhancing theoretical, empirical and/or pragmatic research across the social sciences and related disciplines. It engages in critical discussions concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle.

Irish qualifications

This includes individual research, reading journal articles and books, working on individual and group projects, preparing coursework assignments, presentations, or revising for exams. After your first year, the emphasis on independent learning becomes greater, for example you may do a final year project in the final year. We can make reasonable adjustments to assessment procedures for students with disabilities, take a look at ourDisability Service’s pagesfor information.

Here are some examples of the units currently being studied by our students. Before you apply for a course, please check the website for the most recently published course detail. If you apply to the University of Bath, you will be advised of any significant changes to the advertised programme, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This exciting and unique course will offer you the chance to deepen your understanding of inequality in our social world, both locally and globally. This is a four-year version of our popular BA Community and Youth Work Studies course, with an integrated foundation year.

NICEP Seminar: Eric Melander University of Birmingham

Demography is the study of populations and population changes and trends, using resources such as statistics of births, deaths, and disease. The Economic and Social Science Research Council funds research across a broad range of disciplines. Let us know if you have feedback or would like to help us test new developments.

International Relations

Social anthropologists address ‘what it is to be human’ by studying social and cultural diversity – how people live, think and relate to each other around the world. How to Apply From entry requirements and alternative routes, find guidance on how to apply to… We’re proud of our social science graduates who leave us with the ability to ask more questions than when they arrive.


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