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Take light exercise gear with you on every trip and try to schedule some exercise into your days. If you’re heading to the beautiful cities of France or the gorgeous beaches of the Canary Islands, our family travel insurance for Europe can protect you if things don’t quite go to plan. Benefits apply after the first 12 hours delay and additional benefits apply after each extra delay of 12 hours. Alternatively, you may receive up to the amount specified in your policy, if you chose to abandon your journey or cancel your holiday after a 24 hour delay. We assure you will get the best service and support from experts, using only reputable resources.

  • What is mildly unpleasant to some who do it annually may be unbearable to others who travel weekly.
  • Cover for transport and accommodation costs to get a temporary passport and the equivalent value of the remaining period of it, if it is lost or stolen on your journey.
  • So we should remember that today’s business travellers are in a line from the innovators of centuries gone by – and without them, we might never have tasted such delights as tea, coffee and even chocolate.
  • To see exactly what our business travel insurance policies include, please visit thePolicy Information Hub.

By stepping out of the office environment you instantly broadening your options and uncovering multiple avenues of opportunity. If the travel plan is for an existing site, you need to think about where the site is, what facilities and what public transport services are available. If the travel plan is for a proposed new development, this is the opportunity to make sure that the right facilities for managing travel are included in the design of the site from the beginning.

Seven tips to make your business travels healthier

These trips are to motivate employees, and involve such as going on team-building weekends – which although might involve a leisure event are essentially for business purposes. Business advisers Oxford Economics discovered through research that potential customers are nearly twice as likely to sign with you if you have a face-to-face meeting. Our FLEXI fares give you convenience, simplicity and save you time when you’re travelling for business. Discover our extensive network, convenient flight times and flexible fares. A full English breakfast is a thing of wonder, but it’s not always the wisest choice as far as your health is concerned. Why not pick a business hotel in Birmingham where you can choose a healthier start to the day without bacon smells wafting at you from the breakfast buffet?

Our customisable dashboards and real-time visibility will allow you to track and measure performance of overall costs or individual traveller behaviour. You can benefit from our local knowledge and expertise to find the best way to get around, wherever you are in the world. We can purchase train tickets or coach tickets on your behalf and make sure that they are delivered to you so that you can get to your meetings on time and without any stress. Voco Orchard Singapore launches new Thoughtful Meetings offer to entice meeting planners and events to the Lion City. A completely free, international programme offering your employees discounts of up to 10% at more than 2,600 hotels worldwide. Two key players of leadership are the ability to inspire others to have assurance in you and your company and to encourage others, even if you lack authority.


This type of cover means that your package holiday is protected if, for example, the travel company providing your holiday arrangements or the travel agent themselves fail financially or close down. Your travel agents will be able to tell you if your holiday is ABTA or ATOL protected. Whether our Single Trip or Annual business travel insurance is right for you will likely depend on how often you travel. Sorry, our business travel insurance product is currently unavailable – apologies for any inconvenience. The qualification considers how business travel has developed, explores 21st century travel management and considers how it’s evolving in an increasingly competitive and technological market.

What is business travel insurance?

Additionally, the on-the-go nature of the expense management process allows travellers to submit expenses on a regular, real-time basis, sparing them from hours of reconciliation every month. At Beyond Business Travel, we can manage all aspects of your next business trip. We incorporate all aspects of planning a business trip into one simple platform. Use Beyond Business Travel to manage sourcing, booking, negotiating, tracking travellers’ spending, expense management, data analytics, self-booking tools and visas – all bespoke to the client’s requirements. Often the best way to get around between meetings in different locations is by using the services of local taxi companies. Hailing a cab on the street isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s difficult to understand the conventions of taxis in different countries.


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