ACC fashion, computer programing & anthropology students unite to study Austin flooding

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Community College turned to some unique citizen scientists in a recent project examining flooding in Central Texas: fashion, UX design and anthropology majors. The project is part of the school’s Citizen Science Undergraduate Research Experience and is funded by National Science Foundation.

As part of the project, the students discovered some startling facts about who’s prepared for flooding, who is most impacted and how flooding impacts Barton Creek and Barton Springs.

“We spent a long time recruiting in a lot of other departments,” said Professor Leslie Davis, an oceanography instructor at ACC.

She said that turning to non-scientists helps bring a new perspective to their studies.

“You really want to draw from a diverse group of students.”

Eleven students were chosen for the program, out of dozens of applicants. Each participated in a five-week research

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6 Top Companies in Software Consulting Services in 2021

As a country leading in different sectors recognised internationally, the IT companies in the UK cannot be left out. There are thousands of IT companies around the world, and many UK companies have proved their capacities to compete.

Opinions from customers on show that the UK is the largest global tech hub as it follows the US.

Following closely behind the UK are countries’ cities like Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, and a few others follow. This shows the growth of smart IT persons in the UK.

The revenue this has generated for the UK government is considerably large. The best consulting service has spent decades developing different software for global growth. Many UK companies are established in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, and in a few other places. Some of the best companies for software consultation are:

Hyperlink InfoSystem:

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Tips for Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Your Devices

Everything in life is prone to a virus — adenovirus, astrovirus, coronavirus, macro virus, boot record infectors, and file infectors.

The first virus in computers was the brain boot sector virus which was in 1986 developed by two brothers namely Basit and Amjad Farooq in Pakistan. The purpose of creating viruses in computers is simple: infect vulnerable systems, gain control, and steal data. Today, viruses hit everywhere — from laptops, desktops, to mobile phones.

There is hardly any gadget without an associated virus. Opinions of computer users on Collected.Reviews should serve as enough proof of this claim. Due to the harms and costs caused by these viruses, there is a need to learn about antivirus and be familiar with tips for choosing the best antivirus software.

1.     Budget:

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