7 steps to fix a black screen in Windows 11

A black screen is a frustrating issue for Windows 11 users to encounter, and IT administrators often have to consider a long list of possible causes in order to fix it.

Black screen issues in Windows 11 can be difficult to resolve. It’s not because the fixes themselves are particularly complicated but because of the time it can take to try different troubleshooting methods. Black screen errors can occur for many reasons, such as Windows updates, faulty applications, outdated drivers or malware infections.

As a Windows administrator, you’ll have to fix the problem by trying different strategies, one step at a time.

What’s behind Windows 11 black screen?

A black screen in Windows 11 can sometimes resolve itself before you ever figure out the cause. It may take many instances of trial and error to resolve the issue. When trying to identify what’s behind Windows 11 black screens, you should

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Nex Computer Launches NexPad: A Portable Monitor That Can Be Stacked on Top of a Laptop Screen |


Nex Computer LLC announced today the launch of NexPad: a portable monitor with built-in magnets that can attach to laptops for vertical dual-screen setup.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221025005374/en/

NexPad. A portable monitor that can be stacked on top of a laptop screen. (Photo: Business Wire)

Research shows that using dual monitors boosts productivity. However, using side-by-side monitors isn’t always optimal because of the large gap between the monitors, diminishing the view. The side-by-side setup also spans outside of people’s peripheral vision which can lead to neck strain.

NexPad’s solution is a second display at an elevated height that can reduce neck strain and help improve posture, boosting productivity and convenience.

“We are launching NexPad to enable the modern professional to be more productive in the ever more mobile workplace,“ said Emre Kosmaz, CEO and founder of Nex Computer.

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LG announces Smart Monitor, a 4K PC monitor with Smart TV features

Samsung and LG compete in many market segments, and over the years, the two South Korean companies have “borrowed” ideas from each other without hiding much. LG continues this rivalry in the monitor market as well, announcing the new LG Smart Monitor, an alternative to Samsung’s smart monitor announced a few years ago. Of course, being an LG display, it’s equipped with webOS instead of Tizen, but otherwise offers similar capabilities: it’s a hybrid between a monitor and a TV.

LG Smart Monitor could be useful for those who want a small TV and a large PC monitor in one package

The LG Smart Monitor (32SQ780S) comes in one size, with a 31.5″ diagonal and 4K resolution at 65 Hz, and is billed as a productivity monitor as well as an entertainment monitor. It benefits from a USB-C hub to provide charging and the ability to attach accessories more easily

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12 Best Gaming Monitors in the Philippines 2023

Engineers know a thing or two about finding the best gaming monitors. After all, they are the ones who design and build the gaming computers that we use. So, when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor, it is best to listen to what they have to say. Here are the best gaming monitors in the Philippines, according to electronics engineers, software engineers, and professional gamers.

These monitors offer the best image quality, response time, and refresh rate for Filipino gamers. They also have features that improve gaming performance, such as adaptive-sync technology and low input lag.

You might also like to read about the best gaming mouse, best gaming chairs, and best gaming laptops.

What are the Best Gaming Monitors in the Philippines?

Here are the top 12 best gaming monitors in the Philippines according to electronics engineers, software engineers, and professional gamers.

1. Samsung

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Getting a little too close with your computer screen? Check out our guide to making friends in Boston.

Have you ever wished there was an app like Uber, but for nature lovers? Then check out Ridj-it, a Boston-based online platform that’ll help you find adventure buddies and a ride to explore nearby lakes, mountains, and more. Ridj-it drivers must submit a valid driver’s license before they can lead a trip, and they’re also evaluated via user feedback afterward for riders’ safety. If you don’t feel like joining a carpooling group, you can still tag along by signing up for a trip on their website or in their over 15,000-person Meetup.com group, Boston Outdoor Adventures. The founders claim users who do carpool in a group have become lifelong friends — and even gotten married — after meeting through a Ridj-it ride. So, if you’re feeling bold, give it a shot. ridj-it.com

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