Getting a little too close with your computer screen? Check out our guide to making friends in Boston.

Have you ever wished there was an app like Uber, but for nature lovers? Then check out Ridj-it, a Boston-based online platform that’ll help you find adventure buddies and a ride to explore nearby lakes, mountains, and more. Ridj-it drivers must submit a valid driver’s license before they can lead a trip, and they’re also evaluated via user feedback afterward for riders’ safety. If you don’t feel like joining a carpooling group, you can still tag along by signing up for a trip on their website or in their over 15,000-person group, Boston Outdoor Adventures. The founders claim users who do carpool in a group have become lifelong friends — and even gotten married — after meeting through a Ridj-it ride. So, if you’re feeling bold, give it a shot.

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