6 factors determining the ranking of the best laptop brands

Laptops- When asked about the best laptop brand, maybe everyone’s answer is different. That’s only natural because opinions can be determined based on several factors of reason. Among them is the experience of wearing and maybe just a suggestion or just hearing others’ opinions.

However, how come yesterday interrogator.com released an article with the title 10 best laptop brands in the world? Even the contents are explained in order of detail: Apple holds number one, then followed by Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP, Microsoft, Acer, and Samsung, and the tenth position is Toshiba. Who, what, and how are the ratings determined?

6 factors determining the ranking of the best laptop brands in the world

I took the list from www.laptopmag.com, a site owned by an outsider that specializes in laptops. According to his confession, they annually assess and evaluate many computer companies with various categories. These include design, review, technology support, warranty, software, innovation, and value and price.

So, yesterday’s list of the best laptop brands in the world was not ordered randomly or based on me personally. Honestly, I’ve always been a loyal Asus user. Why? Because in addition to cheap, also dare to provide a two-year warranty. Oh yes, if you want to know more about the explanations of the categories above, just read on below.


Design is the outermost part of the laptop. Each notebook with a different brand design is definitely not the same. Then, how to determine which one is better? It shows from the deck, bezel, and base. Apart from being good, and strong, according to function (the shape is not too big but does not provide more function), what is not important is the beauty and quality of the materials used.

Reviews and reviews

To judge something, of course, you have to test the goods directly. It means not only seeing or hearing from other people. To fulfill this factor, their team actually uses the product for a set time. Then compare with each other. Then giving the score will add to the score of the other categories.

Technical support

The purpose of technical support includes telephone customer service, social media, official websites, and other channels. The assessment team would disguise themselves as ordinary people and come to them. Then ask some questions and ask for help. So friendliness, professionalism, and problem-solving skills will be an assessment in determining their company as the owner of the best and best brand in the world.

Warranty service

Almost all laptop manufacturers provide a warranty to the buyer. Usually the most common is one year, but there are also two years. In addition to the length of the warranty period, other things that include in the assessment are the number of branch offices that serve claims, completion of repairs, and the type of damage covered.


Buy new laptops that are not completely empty. That is, most brands include special factory default software. These include utilities and bloatware. The function and performance of this software are also determining factors for a brand that deserves the best title in the world.


The world of technology is developing very fast. If a manufacturer just sits idle and doesn’t try anything new, be prepared to be left behind. Likewise with the competition for computers and laptops. Brands that are constantly breaking the market and implementing or developing the latest technology will receive a plus rating.

Value and price

In addition to the categories above, another factor that determines whether a laptop brand is the best in the world is the suitability of value and price. Do they provide goods with specifications and quality that fits the price offered? If it turns out that the quality is ordinary while the price is exorbitant, it will certainly reduce the assessment.


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