3 Features on Android Smartphones that Make it Superior to iPhone

3 Features on Android Smartphones that Make it Superior to iPhone

It seems that it is common knowledge that Android smartphones are more accessible to users than iPhones.

In addition, both, of course, have a focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Many feature sets are only present for the Android system, as well as the iPhone. You need to know, that there are at least three features in the Android system that make it look superior to the iPhone.

Install Apps from Other Sources

One very open feature of Android is that it doesn’t restrict users from using one of the company’s own app stores. In addition to downloading applications through the Google Play Store, with a series of security guarantees, users can download applications from other sources.

For example, users can download from an application store from a smartphone brand provider, or also the Amazon Store. Furthermore, users can also download applications in the form of Android Application Packages or Apks.

It should be noted, if users do this, make sure you get the application from a reliable source, because third-party app stores are the number one source of Android malware.

It’s better if users do some research first. Then also make sure to turn off the ‘Install Unknown Apps’ setting for the source after you’ve installed the apps you want, just in case.

Uninstall App

Most of the Android phones come with the help of attractive pre-installed apps. However, it is possible that there are some applications that you do not need. For example, if you’re not a podcast lover, you don’t need a podcast app.

Then, smartphone vendors tend to include a lot of their own apps that you might not need to use. Then you can uninstall these applications.

To do this, just long press the app icon and select an entry to open its details page where you can uninstall it.

Unfortunately, there are some stock apps that you can’t uninstall. For those apps, you can at least choose disable, which will hide them from the interface page and make more space for storage on the system.

Digital Health Features

As is known, too long using a smartphone even late at night is something that is bad for health. In addition, browsing content on social media without setting a schedule is also something that can interfere with work.

So, Android brings Sleep Time mode in Android 11. Not only does it silence your phone at a set time, it also turns the screen black-and-white, in case you have to look at the screen after hours of work.

Another Health feature I recommend is Focus mode, which silences notifications from apps. It will also restrict access to most of the apps so that only a few apps the user has allowed can be used.

For example, on a Samsung smartphone, almost all unused app icons will turn gray. In addition, there is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature which also stops notifications. To know about lifestyle choices you can visit this site vegetarianorganiclife


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