How to clean a computer screen in 4 easy steps

If you use a computer, you’ll need to know how to clean a computer screen. 

Our computer screens are subject to a build-up of daily grime, dirt and greasy fingerprints. This is especially the case if you’re sharing your computer with children or young members of the household, whose sticky fingers can be easily transfer marks to a screen, often spreading germs and bacteria.

But how should you clean your computer screen? Just like knowing how to clean a keyboard, keeping it grime-free isn’t too challenging. What’s more, it will only take minutes to do and you don’t even need expensive cleaning products either. Plus, cleaning your computer screen will make work easier to see, and help keep your computer a pleasure to use.

So, if you want a clean and spotless monitor, follow these tips on how to clean a computer screen in four easy steps.  

How to

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How to fix Modern Warfare 2 ‘Scan and Repair’ error: Game crashing solution

Published: 2022-10-28T08:16:23

Updated: 2022-10-28T08:16:35

The ‘Scan and Repair’ error is back with a vengeance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, crashing games worldwide for no clear reason and blemishing the launch of the game for players on PC. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Scan and Repair has been an ongoing issue for PC players for some years now. Those who played Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone extensively, especially in the early days, know just how bad it can get, with games frequently crashing mid-match and between rounds.

While it became less problematic over time, the issue was never completely eradicated and has continued into the 2022 release of Modern Warfare 2, hampering many matches.

Here’s what you can do to help stop the Scan and Repair issue from occurring so frequently, or possibly even at all, at least for now until developers Infinity Ward

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CESTAT denies Refund of Service Tax and Interest

Computer - Systems - Computer - Peripherals - CESTAT - refund - Service - Tax - Interest - TAXSCAN

The Customs, Excise, and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), Ahmedabad denied a refund of Service Tax and the interest paid as there was no maintenance or repair of computers, computer systems, or computer peripherals.

The appellant, M/s. Chashmita Engineers Pvt Ltd is engaged in the provision of various services under the head of Management, maintenance and Repair service, and erection commissioning and installation service.

The Counsel for the appellant, Abhay Desai, submitted that the appellant had provided services under a contract with the Transport Department Government of Gujarat for Repairs and Maintenance service of the computerized system installed at the RTO check post and further argued that Repairs and Maintenance Services of Computerize System were exempted from Service tax as per notification No. 12/2003-ST.

The said notification was rescinded vide Notification No. 7/2004-ST dated 09.07.2004 and therefore the service

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Sony had to make a PC gaming monitor because the PS5 isn’t enough

It’s no mystery why Sony made a PC gaming monitor that can also work well with the PS5. The PC gaming business is simply too big to ignore, and it’s just money on the table that’s otherwise up for grabs by other monitor makers. 

Sony didn’t say those exact words, but it didn’t have to for me to know that it’s one of the reasons why it decided to announce two gaming monitors this week. Another reason is because Sony’s growing focus on services means that PS Plus will eventually go beyond the console. Getting its games in front of more people instead of locking them down as exclusives has, in the past few years, become a welcome change in strategy. 

Sony is late to this particular party, though. Nintendo’s Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck can be played anywhere by design, and while you don’t see Microsoft making gaming monitors

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NewsDepth A+: Computer Repair | NewsDepth Topic

During the pandemic, many people learned new skills or started new hobbies. For example, I learned how to cook.  A pair of brothers at Incarnate Word Academy, learned a skill that not only helped their fellow classmates, but could also give them a jump-start on a career. Liam and Colin have always been fascinated with how computers work and they are this week’s A+ Award recipients. 

Liam and Colin had watched many hours of Youtube videos that introduced them to building and repairing computers and laptops.  The opportunity for hands-on application came when the brothers participated in an afterschool technology program called “How to Build and Troubleshoot a Computer” at their elementary school, Incarnate Word Academy.  In this program, the students took apart and rebuilt desktop computers. The brothers were able to learn new skills and apply what they had learned previously from the online videos.  “Liam and Colin were

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Should You Upgrade From Your 1080p PC Monitor to 1440p?

Image for article titled Should You Upgrade From Your 1080p PC Monitor to 1440p?

Photo: Gorodenkoff (Shutterstock)

We’re rapidly reaching the point where 1080p PC gaming is considered “outdated,” and many players are looking to upgrade. Most people likely assume 4K is the natural next step; that was the upgrade path for most TV owners, after all. However, 4K monitors are more expensive and harder to come by than 4K TVs, so many PC builders opt for 1440p displays instead.

What is 1440p?

1440p resolution (also referred to as 2K resolution or QHD) is 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is twice as many pixels as 1080p displays and about half as many pixels as a 4K display. That might make 1440p sound like a stop-gap, but considering 1440p displays usually run smaller than 4K monitors and you typically sit closer to a monitor than a TV, 1440p is an excellent resolution for PC gaming monitors, with noticeably higher detail quality.

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Logitech’s quarterly sales down 12%, CFO to depart

Oct 25 (Reuters) – Logitech International (LOGN.S) reported a big drop in quarterly sales and profit on Tuesday, as the computer peripherals maker was hit by tough comparisons, a strong dollar and fragile consumer confidence as economies slow down around the world.

The maker of keyboards, mice and headsets posted a 12% decline in sales at $1.15 billion in the three months ended Sept. 30. In constant currencies, which removes the impact of exchange rate swings, sales was down 7%.

Logitech also said its chief financial officer, Nate Olmstead, will be leaving the company. Olmstead will stay on in his role as Logitech launches a search for his successor.

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Non-GAAP operating income plunged 26% to $156 million in the period, the second quarter of Logitech’s financial year.

The Swiss-American company is facing a slowdown from last year, when COVID-19 restrictions drove

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When to use rechargeable batteries and how to recycle them

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Batteries power all kinds of things from our TV remote to flashlights to toys. But before you buy a fresh batch, Consumer Reports has dug into why and when to use rechargeable batteries.

Not only can they save you money but they are better for the planet.

Meghan Patterson and her family have been using rechargeable batteries for about eight years.

“I worry a lot about our environmental impact when it comes to things like batteries,” she said.

Both rechargeable and single-use batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can pollute the environment. They both also require water and energy in the manufacturing process and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

But a 2016 study in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment says that rechargeable batteries are more sustainable than disposables after you’ve used them at least 50 times, something that shouldn’t be a problem

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KhoaVang Computer Company launched a new advanced system in

KhoaVang Computer Company recently introduced a new advanced system in the range of their laptop products. The new features and developments are ready to use in all their laptop products, PCs, workstations, and all types of computer accessories from new to old at the most reasonable prices.                

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Ho Chi Minh City-based computer accessories company Khoa Vang Computer was established in 2009. In the recent development, Khoa Vang introduces new and unique features and developments in laptop products, PC, workstations, and all computer accessories.

In recent development, KhoaVang Computer Company offers notable outcomes in different products from old to new at a very reasonable price. KhoaVang Computer Company provides laptop products, PCs, workstations, computer screens, computer components, and all types of computer accessories in different styles. It offers folks a free trial to enjoy the developments even

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Best computer mouse in 2022


Your mouse is always there for you, right (or sometimes left) by your side. You might not give much thought to it, but a good mouse can make you more productive, feel more comfortable and help you get through a hard workday a little easier.

To help you find the mouse that’s comfortable enough to use all day and has the features that let you be most productive, we spent several weeks testing 16 different mice, from basic, budget-friendly models to the tricked-out ergonomic mice with customizable buttons, plus some trackballs and vertical mice. In the end, two contenders rose to the top.

Best overall mouse

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the perfect blend of traditional ergonomic design, intelligent workflow features and portability. At $100, it’s ideal for anyone looking for a workhorse mouse that can get them through years of productivity across multiple devices.

Best budget

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