Why it’s finally time to upgrade your monitor

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7 Best Wireless and Bluetooth Mouses 2022

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist

If you haven’t already noticed, using your laptop’s dedicated track pad can make your wrist curl up like an armadillo and your arms resemble those of a T. rex. That may not be a problem for short periods of time, but if you’re on a laptop all day, using a separate wireless mouse will help maximize comfort and minimize muscle strain. In addition to making your workspace more ergonomic, a wireless mouse can also make it easier to navigate certain software programs or websites because they often have more features and functions than a track pad. But it’s important to find one that actually supports your ergonomics, because, “The wrong mouse-and-keyboard setup can wreak physical havoc on your hand, wrist, and forearm,” says Dr. Scott Weiss, a physical therapist and board-certified athletic trainer. To help you pick the right one, we spoke with a range of experts

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Knights of the Old Republic remake is ‘delayed indefinitely,’ according to report

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake (opens in new tab) was announced in September 2021, and it was a pretty big deal: KOTOR is one of the best Star Wars games ever, but it’s also nearly 20 years old, which makes it a challenge to play these days. A remake seemed like a can’t-miss project, but a Bloomberg (opens in new tab) report now says it has been delayed indefinitely amidst trouble at developer Aspyr Media.

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Aspyr completed a vertical slice demo of the remake at the end of June to show to executives at Lucasfilm and Sony. The following week art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince were both fired from the studio. Prince indicated on his LinkedIn page (opens in new tab) that the termination was not expected, writing, “Things can change very fast in a day. I

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Celebrate Apple Day with this portable mouse for only $70

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If you spend a lot of time on the computer, using a mouse has many incredible benefits. And if that computer happens to be a laptop like a MacBook, you might find that mouse might even be a game-changer for your productivity. Right now, you can upgrade your computer navigating prowess with an Apple Magic Mouse, which is price dropped to $69.99 thanks to our Apple Day event, which runs from October 16 through 21. 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with over 30 thousand reviews, the Apple Magic Mouse makes navigating your screen much easier than using the built-in touchpad on a laptop. Using a mouse allows you to be more precise when clicking on tabs, pointing, dragging, and selecting items more accurately. The

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ARPA funding helps prevent youth violence in Akron

AKRON — The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides $350 billion in additional funding for state and local governments.  

What You Need To Know

  • The Vincent House is a new after-school program for kids in Akron’s Middlebury neighborhood 
  • The program received $100,000 from Akron’s ARPA funding 
  • The city of Akron is accepting applications for this grant program until the end of October 

The city of Akron received $145 million in these federal funds.

The city said the money will be used to create a safer, healthier and more equitable Akron. 

One of the ways the city plans to do this is through the Youth Violence Prevention Community Grant Program. 

The Vincent House, a brand new after-school program, received $100,000 through this grant program. 

Madison Jones, the program director of The Vincent House, said that this funding makes all the difference for her program, which is less than one-year-old. 

“ARPA funding

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Minibrains grown from human and mouse neurons learn to play Pong

Researchers used electric signals to teach brain cells to play the retro video game “Pong.”  (Image credit: Shutterstock)

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A synthetic minibrain made out of human and mouse neurons has successfully learned to play the video game “Pong” after researchers hooked it up to a computer-controlled electrode array. It is the first time that brain cells isolated from an organism have completed a task like this, suggesting that such learning ability is not limited to fully intact brains locked inside animals’ skulls.

In the new study, researchers grew a synthetic neuron network on top of rows of electrodes housed inside a tiny container, which they called DishBrain. A computer program sent electrical signals that activated specific regions of neurons.  These signals told the neurons to “play” the retro video game “Pong,” which involves hitting a moving dot, or “ball”, with a small line, or “paddle,” in 2D.

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Indigenous programing in Yellowstone National Park reminds public of colonial history

Yellowstone Revealed was planned for and by Indigenous people. The week will include guided tours of Indigenously significant areas in the park as well as art and live musical performances. Yellowstone National Park is helping host the event for its 150 anniversary.

Franchesca Pine-Rodriguez is with Mountain Time Arts in Bozeman, Montana. She said while the 150 anniversary is a celebration, the Indigenous nations of the land have another relationship with the park’s birthday.

“It’s a reminder of being removed from an area that we traditionally inhabited. So, that is something that we are not celebrating. But when we think about everything that our people have been through, and it’s just a miracle that we are still here,” she said.

Pine-Rodriguez hopes to continue the relationship with the park in furthering the discussion on Indigenous input in management and conservation.

Pine-Rodriguez said there’s a lot more to Yellowstone than commonly

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The 4 Best 27-Inch Monitors for 2022

Our pick

Asus ProArt Display PA278CV

If you don’t need a 4K monitor, the PA278CV is a 2560×1440 model with good color accuracy, an adjustable stand, and all the ports most people need.

Resolution: 2560×1440 | Refresh rate: 75 Hz with FreeSync | Ports: HDMI, DisplayPort in, DisplayPort out, USB-C | USB-C charging: 65 W | USB hub: four USB 3.0 Type-A ports

The Asus ProArt Display PA278CV has a great-looking screen with good enough color accuracy for most people and all the ports you need to hook up desktop or laptop PCs. The PA278CV’s stand can tilt, swivel, and pivot the screen and raise and lower its height, its USB-C port can provide enough power to charge most 13-inch laptops, and it comes with a three-year warranty and a good dead-pixel policy. Its QHD resolution (2560×1440) means it isn’t as sharp as a 4K screen, but it’s also hundreds

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Reader’s Choice: Services winner and finalists


Stockman Bank

It’s hard to think of an institution that is more fundamentally Montanan than Stockman Bank. It has served Montana for nearly 70 years. “We are a fourth generation, Montana family-owned bank” the company says. But its popularity does not rest only on being from home. It is truly a full-service bank. “We offer one-stop banking for every member of your family, from savings accounts for kids, home loans for first-time buyers, small business loans, to insurance and wealth management services.”

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What makes you stand out from the competition?

1) Our employees for sure. Our employees sincerely care about our customers and being Montana owned and operated allows them to fully take care of each and every customer.

2) We only bank in Montana. Therefore we are only focused on Montana. So our friends and neighbors really are banking with a Montana Bank.


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Corsair Katar Elite Wireless Review: Lighter, Not Cheaper

Corsair’s Katar line of mice have been pretty consistent over the years: simple, solid-performing, lightweight, and stripped of unnecessary frills — and usually unnecessary markups. Corsair’s newest Katar mouse, the Katar Elite Wireless, weighs just 2.24 oz (69g) — it’s not just the lightest mouse in the Katar lineup, it’s one of the lightest mice on the market today.

Basic, ultra-lightweight mice aren’t for everyone, but there’s definitely a place for them among the best gaming mice. In addition to dropping weight, the Katar Elite Wireless has a handful of minor upgrades from the previous generation, including a rechargeable 100-hour (sort of) battery and a maximum polling rate of 2,000 Hz. It also sports customizable RGB (implemented in the most boring way possible), and has a surface so smooth it’s begging for your fingerprints.

The Katar Elite Wireless is a step-up from its predecessors — the Katar Pro Wireless

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