OS: Windows 10 advantages you need to know

OS: Windows 10 advantages you need to know

OS- The long-awaited OS has finally been released, after experiencing various delays due to the many problems WIndows 10 can finally be enjoyed. Windows 10 is being talked about in cyberspace right now and maybe many of you want to install this OS on a laptop or PC. But before downloading and installing this OS, it’s a good idea to listen to the advantages of Windows 10 so you won’t regret it once you install it.

The screen display feature will clearly be different from its Windows predecessor. The strength of Windows 10 lies in features that are more toward computing technology. Support for various platforms, such as Hybrid notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and various types of gadgets and computer devices is expanded.

Advantages of Windows 10

1. From the Start Menu side

When compared to Windows 8 which is not perfect in the Start Menu function and confuses users, … Read More

6 factors determining the ranking of the best laptop brands

6 factors determining the ranking of the best laptops brands

Laptops- When asked about the best laptop brand, maybe everyone’s answer is different. That’s only natural because opinions can be determined based on several factors of reason. Among them is the experience of wearing and maybe just a suggestion or just hearing others’ opinions.

However, how come yesterday interrogator.com released an article with the title 10 best laptop brands in the world? Even the contents are explained in order of detail: Apple holds number one, then followed by Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP, Microsoft, Acer, and Samsung, and the tenth position is Toshiba. Who, what, and how are the ratings determined?

6 factors determining the ranking of the best laptop brands in the world

I took the list from www.laptopmag.com, a site owned by an outsider that specializes in laptops. According to his confession, they annually assess and evaluate many computer companies with various categories. These include design, review, … Read More

Tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap price

Tips for buying a laptop so you can get a cheap price

A laptop is an important thing nowadays. The gadget which is commonly called a notebook can also be used for entertainment. So no wonder many people are willing to buy a laptop even though the price is expensive. Think they are important in addition to work, they are also essential measurements.

However, the name of the buyer would want the cheap but good stuff. This principle has been understood by the manufacturers. The proof is that they have issued various types with varying prices. There are high specifications but are easily damaged because of the low price. There is also an expensive, average spec, but durable.

The more types and brands it turns out to make consumers confused to choose. Moreover, there are some fraudulent sellers: Setting a high price but the quality of the goods does not match. Well, so you don’t get fooled, here are some tips for … Read More

6 Top Companies in Software Consulting Services in 2021

As a country leading in different sectors recognised internationally, the IT companies in the UK cannot be left out. There are thousands of IT companies around the world, and many UK companies have proved their capacities to compete.

Opinions from customers on UK.collected.reviews show that the UK is the largest global tech hub as it follows the US.

Following closely behind the UK are countries’ cities like Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, and a few others follow. This shows the growth of smart IT persons in the UK.

The revenue this has generated for the UK government is considerably large. The best consulting service has spent decades developing different software for global growth. Many UK companies are established in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, and in a few other places. Some of the best companies for software consultation are:

Hyperlink InfoSystem:

This is a company that has been in existence for … Read More

5 Tips that Will Help You Save Money When Buying a Computer

If you’re broke, or on a budget or you’re just looking for ways to save some money when buying a computer device, then, this article is for you. Whether a laptop, a mobile phone or whatever device you need to buy, you can get it cheaper and at a good quality.

A computer device is one of the essentials every individual in these modern times should have. They help you get up to date with the latest information, makes you more knowledgeable, help you make money and are part of your social life. Investing in a computer device is a good decision you’ll not regret. Here are ways you can get a computer at a price that’ll help you save some cash

1.  Get a second-hand device

Second-hand computers have already been used and returned to a person who upgrades and fixes the issues it may have come with and … Read More

5 Most Common Issues You Will Likely Encounter With Your PC

Your computer like every other machine also experiences some little problems as time goes by and not every issue related to your PC requires the attention of an engineer.

It was sourced on ReviewsBird.com that many of the common computer issues have simple solutions to them, and you can most times fix them yourself by following some identified steps.

However, some of the most common pc issues you will likely encounter with your computer are:

·         PC Won’t Start

A computer that is not starting up could have a failing power supply. You might need to check if the computer is plugged in the power supply point properly or not. If it is not working, you might need to check the power point with another device to know if the problem is not with the power point. If there’s absolutely no problem with the power point, you might want to … Read More

Tips for Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Your Devices

Everything in life is prone to a virus — adenovirus, astrovirus, coronavirus, macro virus, boot record infectors, and file infectors.

The first virus in computers was the brain boot sector virus which was in 1986 developed by two brothers namely Basit and Amjad Farooq in Pakistan. The purpose of creating viruses in computers is simple: infect vulnerable systems, gain control, and steal data. Today, viruses hit everywhere — from laptops, desktops, to mobile phones.

There is hardly any gadget without an associated virus. Opinions of computer users on Collected.Reviews should serve as enough proof of this claim. Due to the harms and costs caused by these viruses, there is a need to learn about antivirus and be familiar with tips for choosing the best antivirus software.

1.     Budget:

This is not Freetown, you already know. Even in Freetown, you are not a free man. All things boil down to … Read More

Why programming is a good career

Millennials and Gen Z are constantly on the lookout for more than just a job that barely helps them keep body and soul together. They not only want a fat paycheck, but they also want a job that makes them fulfilled and leaves them with enough time on their hands to attend to other important aspects of their lives.

This is also part of the reason why many of them opt for online courses. They can learn at their own pace in their own environment. Today, there are several online programming courses reviews that a person can read on platforms like BritainReviews. The reviews can guide you to finding the right platform to learn programming. Here are some of the reasons programming is a good career:

It brings joy

A recent study shows that over 31 million developers spent their free time writing codes for free for a project. … Read More

Top 5 Essential Android Apps You Need Installed Today

Have just bought a new phone and want to install important apps that will help you carry out your day to day activities?

Do not worry, we got you covered.

We will take a look at some of the essential apps you need to have installed in your phone already.

You will need apps to sync your data across all your devices, watch movies, take good pictures and even track you on screen time.

We have gathered a list of some of the best applications that will allow you to carry out some of these activities with total ease.

Here they are;


Forget about opening numerous tabs on different articles, or misplacing tabs on interesting articles you were reading online but got distracted.

Pocket has you covered.

This app allows you to save all these tabs on your device so that you can read them at a later time.… Read More

What are the differences between Android and HarmonyOS?

In the business world, every company is struggling to have a significant percentage of market share. When this happens, it implies that they will be able to make regular sales to their customers. It will also open the opportunity for satisfied customers to recommend others to them. Countries also strive to attempt to protect companies that are native to them. They understand that when businesses thrive, the country will thrive. Their taxes will also contribute to direct revenue of the government.

Two countries that are experiencing confrontation between each other especially in the business world is China and America. Both countries, understanding the importance of technology in the world today, are fighting to be the best in terms of technological development, companies, and products. The confrontation between the USA and China reached a peak in May 2019 when Google banned Huawei from its services including its operating system. Even though … Read More