What is APK file and How to install one?

If you’re an android user then you must have heard APK file name. And, must have scratched your head figuring out what it actually means. If you’re nodding then continue reading as in this post we’ll discuss about APK file format and how to install the same. You’ll learn about APK files and how to download and install the same.

What is an APK File?

Let me in the simplest manner, just like windows use exe file format for installing software and other stuff in the same manner android does with APK file format. In android, an APK file is the format for installing the android operating system. This is all it means in simplest form.

Why would I want to install an APK File?

Now you know what APK is now let’s see why you would install the same.

APK files are time and again leaked which gives you early access of all the exciting updates and features which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. Likewise, some apps are restricted to some areas and ahead of yours.

You need apk files to enjoy online streaming world of entertainment like Terrarium tv apk, showbox, Netflix etc.

These files also allow you to evade carriers to get the newest Google updates, which can take up a lot of time to access if done over-the-air from your network. In case, your android device somehow lacks access to play store, then APK file may be the sole option for installing apps on your android device.

 A word of caution since nobody wants to download stolen apps you must be careful and save yourself from any issue. However, there are some APK services that let you download pirated apps. No wonder, this is not legal and must be avoided. I would advise you to do some researches before you download and get yourself into trouble.

 How to install an APK from your Android device

From the browser on your android smartphone or any other device you can install APK files. For example, just like you download online streaming apps like Netflix, Terrarium TV apk, Mobdro etc. you require these files on your android device.

All you need is to open your browser, look for the APK file you want to download and tap on it – you would see downloading the file on the top bar of the device. Once you’re done, go to downloads and click on the APK file and click yes when option comes. The app will be on your device.

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